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Doggie Daycare Highlights from our First Month Open!

Here are some highlights from our first month open at 294a Danforth avenue. We've already had some amazing Doggies come through, and are working on incorporating agility exercises, group obedience and scent exploration into our daily daycare routine! Thank you to everyone who's been a part of this journey so far! For more info on how to get your doggy into our daycare program click here:

Miss Polly being her cute self!

Kobe and Dakota taking a break from Zoomies!

Our beautiful handmade sign made by local artist Ralston Bennett

Polly and Hunter having a major play session!

Livie, Lucy and Lemon working hard for Chanti!

Livie helping us manage the space!

Lula supervising the dogs at play!

Setting up some of our agility equipment for indoor enrichment!

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